Everyday Anti Theft Backpack


Anti Cut. We are using the most cut resistant material on the marked. 

Hidden Zipper. The Zipper is hidden up against your back

Water Resistant. The materials used is extremely water resistant

USB. Charge your phone on the go. You can plug in on the bag

Back Support. With weight distribution and locating pressure on your lower back. The bag feels much lighter.

Hidden Pockets. There are 7 hidden pockets on this bag

Expected retail: 40.99 USD

Anti Cut Material

Our backpack is protect from one of the most cut resistant plastic sheet.
Woven from a proprietary blend of high molecular weight polyethylene.

60% Polymer Polyethylene Fabric

30% Black Industrial level polyester silk

10% Military level fiber

It is originally developed for use in high performance body armor.

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Urltra Light and Large Capacity, including 1 main pocket and 7 inner small pockets, provides a separated space for your Laptop within 15.6 inches, iPhone, iPad, pen, keys, wallet, books, clothes, bottle and more.



backpack hidden zipper

External USB with built-in offers a convenient charging for your electronic device anywhere. Anti-theft design with hidden zipper, which makes you far away from theft and protect your wallet, laptop, phone and some other things, Waist slots design to keep passport, transport card, ticket which requires convenience but safe most.

  • Pilgrim backpack

  • Pilgrim backpack

  • Pilgrim backpack

  • Pilgrim backpack

  • Laptop backpack Pilgrim

  • Laptop backpack Pilgrim

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